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Photo of Daryl K.
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Reseda, Los Angeles, CA

***** five star

Ladies and Lads Alike if you are Searching for that relaxing salon experience where you can trust the stylist to make you look and feel like a million bucks with out costing you an arm and a leg this is the place I love these guys so professional so refreshing to have people understand what you want or even work with you in a comforting way if your just lookin for change and still unsure about how
David Tehrani is an Amazing Shop Owner with amazing let one of these Stylists be your Host and Your Guide through your next MakeOver you will not regret it


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Long Beach, CA


Excellent service!!! I was invited by a friend to go to this new salon to get my hair highlighted. I was impressed from the moment I walked in. I was offered something to drink and immediately taken back to the stylist (David T.) who was friendly and professional. He answered all my questions, and didn't rush me while I changed my mind (a few times) about what I wanted. I ended up with a great cut, beautiful color, and my hair felt really healthy.
The atmosphere was professional and relaxing. They played good music, made sure I was comfortable, and the entire staff was friendly. Products were explained and suggested, but there was no pressure to buy anything. I really enjoyed being there. I am definitely going back




Pasadena, CA


Just popped in off the street and im glad i did !  David is a talented hair stylist

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San Jose, CA


I'm actually kind of surprised to see such mixed reviews for this salon. I've had Nick do my hair twice now, and both times I was surprised at the skill and quality of his work, especially for the price. Previously I have been to numerous salons where the price of a men's style cut can range up to 80+ dollars. However, here I've been able to get the same quality styling, for about half of what I was previously spending.

Both appointments I've had here showed me that their staff is very attentive; as well as accommodating to my schedule when I needed an appoint. They were always able to see me same day, which is a total plus since I work down the street. Needless to say with their skill level, ease of appointment making, and price point they've earned a lifetime customer.


Sierra Madre, CA


This place was super great! I had bought a groupon for a keratin treatment and was lucky enough to be scheduled with Nick. He was super informative, and was very skillful when he took care of my hair. He kept in mind, when he needed to trim my hair, that I wanted to grow it out, and did a wonderful job! (I don't feel like my hair is any shorter.) We talked about everything from kids to sports to language and everything in between. And they offered wine! He was punctual, which was nice! He saw me at my scheduled time, said I would be finished in about 2 hours when I asked, 2 hours later I was done and checking out. I'm very pleased with how my hair has turned out. Thanks Nick! I will be returning soon :)

Fullerton, CA


NICK- all I have to say!!! I am so incredibly pleased with my haircut and color. I had not touched my hair for over 10 years and was very picky about who I would go to!!!  My luck I found an individual who understood how important my change is for me and gave me exactly what I wanted.  I was so impressed with the way Nick cut my hair (the color is beautiful too). It has been about two weeks now and everyday I wake up I look forward to the way I will be styling my hair that day. Nick took his time to help me find the perfect colors (being so skeptical and picky) and I cannot thank him ENOUGH for his fabulous sense of style, WHAT A TALENT!!! I found my permanent hair dresser, and I am so excited and relieved.  Keep up the good work!  Can't wait for my next appointment!

Pasadena, CA


I recently moved to Pasadena and the first thing I did was look for a hair salon. My first visit to Ambiance was not only fun but my hair has rarely looked so good! Nick not only fixed a bad color job but also gave me a haircut that was both flattering and easy to keep up. He took his time, I never felt he was hurrying up to help the next client. I have been going there since... Very good service, they use only great quality hair products, and I had a fun time while getting my hair done...  did I mention the music they play is excellent? I highly recommend Ambiance the Salon on South Lake, Pasadena.

Pasadena, CA


I have been living in Pasadena for a year and I hadn't found a salon where I felt comfortable and where I left happy and stayed happy after I had to style my hair by myself. David was really nice from the beginning, sat me down and evaluated which was the best way to go. Not only did I end up with a great cut but I also had a pretty good time, the music was fun and David made me laugh all the time I was there. He really listened to what I wanted and gave me some tips on how to take better care of my hair. I felt pampered and relaxed when I left, I will definitely be going back!

Pasadena, CA


Loved it!
I've been in Pasadena for 5 years and I've been in all kind of salons and I was never satisfied until now! I have long curly hair and David gave me an excellent haircut. He took his time and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed.

Burbank, CA


i love ambiance salon.

i got a message and pedicure. it was very relaxing. i look forward to going back!

Los Angeles, CA


I came in for the first time last week for a hair cut. I ended up with a cut and color and it looks so fabulous I will definitely go back. David was so awesome and he made my hair look beautiful.


  • La Verne, CA


    I was quite nervous going in as I had made an appt for a Keratin treatment and wasn't sure how it would go. Nick was amazing! He made me feel so comfortable I had him cut it too!
    I love my hair!
    Ambiance was very clean and very professional! I have a new salon for my needs and I live half an hour away and won't think twice about the drive!
    I really don't understand the mix in reviews...they must have been in a different place!

Los Angeles, CA


I was in a real bind my salon could not get me in that day and I surprisingly got a last minute date with this beautiful girl from my gym that I have been admiring for ever! I happen to be at the Starbucks on Lake St to drown my hair issues in a little caffeine and as I was pouring the perfect mixture of cream to coffee when out the window I see Ambiance The Salon. After almost spilling my coffee I briskly walked over to check it out. As soon as I opened the door the modern decor gave me hope and when David the hair stylist said he could squeeze me in I knew there was only one more question to ask, Where did you go to school when he said Paul Mitchell I just new that everything was going to be OK!!! David was Great he took his time and even gave me some suggestions that I hadn't considered before and when it was all said and done I gotta say he did a better job than my normal salon and that is saying something! I am not going to say David did magic but my date did compliment me on my hair and I got a second date and a new salon!!! Thanks David!!!

I do have to say I was shocked when I read some of the other reviews because that was not my experience at ALL!! Almost seems like must me be some hating salons and I am glad I did not read those 1st or would have missed out on a great find

J Specht


Review from nostalgia J.

Los Angeles, CA


Beauty and Hair in particular is such a touchy subject and salon experience and expectations are so subjective.

I have gone from one salon to another, never to return, but refrained from writing a venomous review, because I know that just because I wasn't particularly pleased with the outcome, or didn't "connect" with the stylist, doesn't mean they didn't try or deserve to be publicly berated.

This is the first salon in LA I would consider returning to.
Since I have been conditioned to have terribly LOW expectations REGARDLESS of how much I spend, I bought a super cheap cut and style on lifebooker, because I needed a trim really bad.

The  thinly veiled sneer from the receptionist as I handed her my printout made me prepare myself and steel my nerves for a good hour of being looked down upon.

Instead I was utterly pampered and loved by David who gave me a massage that had me moaning his name and a beautiful cut. He spent 2 hours on me for almost NO money. (I'm not terribly fond of sitting in a salon all day, but my hair is long.)

David didn't give me any shit about dying my own hair, or trimming my own hair (as I have been known to do in sudden fits of late night mania). He did gently push the "Moroccan oil" on me, which I gladly bought, because for once, my expectations were SURPASSED and I was grateful!

Summary: Ambiance gained a customer. But next time I walk in there and plunk down $100, that receptionist better smile at me!

Review from Monica M.

Pasadena, CA


I love this place! I highly recommend it to everyone.

I think they really make an effort to create a relaxing atmosphere. The place is nice and clean, the music is relaxing and everyone is really friendly. I went in a little bit scared because I have long hair and every time I go to get a haircut hairdressers tend to cut a lot. David took me in and I think he noticed I was nervous. He was patient and was sure to understand what I wanted. He gave me his opinion as a stylist and together we decided what was best for me. He styled my hair afterwards and it looked awesome! What I like is that he was not pushy and let me decide on everything. I will definitely go back and I have already recommended this place to my close friends. If you are not sure about what you want to have done,  just go and talk to him. He is really helpful and I am sure he won't make you feel like you have to get something done if you are not entirely sure about it.

I have always said before that whenever I go to the salon I want to feel like a celebrity once I go out. This time I really felt that way :) They pampered me and my hair looks awesome.